Arrival    Departure    Yoga    All inclusive*    All inclusive*  
SundaySaturdayonlyKonitopoulosParosland hotel
01*29/0405/05450  680 shared pp    875 shared pp  
770 single1075 single
02  13/0519/05350580 shared pp875 shared pp
640 single1310 single
03*27/0502/06450680 shared pp885 shared pp
740 single1135 single
04  17/0623/06350580 shared pp875 shared pp
640 single1150 single
05*01/0707/07450710 shared pp975 shared pp
800 single1250 single
06  15/0721/07350610 shared pp975 shared pp
700 single1240 single
07*29/0704/08450710 shared pp1075 shared pp
800 single1340 single
08  19/0825/08350610 shared pp1025 shared pp
700 single1240 single
09*02/0908/09450680 shared pp975 shared pp
740 single1250 single
10  16/0922/09350580 shared pp925 shared pp
640 single1425 single
11*30/0906/10450680 shared pp975 shared pp
740 single1415 single
12  21/1027/10350580 shared pp755 shared pp
640 single975 single

* Intensive yoga week = (week 1/3/5/7/9/11)
5 morning + 3 afternoon classes /6 nights at Hotel Villa Konitopoulos or Parosland hotel

Standard yoga week = (week 2/4/6/8/10/12)
5 morning classes /6 nights at Hotel Villa Konitopoulos or Parosland hotel.

Prices subject to typing errors and availability.

If you book directly with Oona a second yoga holiday in the same year, you will get a 50 euro discount.

Paros 'all inclusive':

- All yoga classes,
- 6 nights hotel inclusive breakfast and transfer,
- Welcome and goodbye dinner/ lunch.

If you want to stay longer just contact us about price and availability of the room.
Saturday morning drop in class 10:00 - 11:30, 10 euro.

To make your reservation secure, you are kindly requested to pay a 200 euro deposit.

Villa KonitopoulosParosland hotel


Massage about 70 minutes.
Price 70 euro.
Boattrip with the 'Rofos'. Snorkling in turquoise water of the Aegean sea. Snorkling masks are provided.
Price 30 euro including drinks and salads. Minimum 6 persons.
Hikes with Christoforos Korovesis. Discover the beauty of the Island. The best of Paros and Antiparos... at your feet!
Price 30 euro, time on request. Minimum 6 persons.
For more things to do see page 'Paros info'.



* Prices of the Special winter offers (2) (click here).

* Your own private yoga course (prices on request)

On top of the program mentioned here on the site, you can also come - alone or with your own group/friends - and contact me about suitable dates for your own private yoga course. During the winter you can follow the weekly classes for locals. And if you want more, you can always add some private classes.

* Private yoga classes


1 person 60,00 euro, 2 persons 80,00 euro and 3 or more persons 100 euro.
Class hours vary 45 - 75 minutes according to your possibilities.

During summer when there are no courses, there is also the possibility for other yoga teachers to rent the studio and come with their own group.

For more information please contact Oona Giesen by e-mail.